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About Me

From high school, I became acquainted with computers and the world of zero and one, and I was so absorbed in this endless and new world that I spent most of my time studying. First I was attracted to graphic design and especially Photoshop software, then I started designing blogs and websites and I am very interested in coding and programming that I am still learning.

Contact Details

Mojtaba Jalalvand
No 37 , Shariati Street
Nahavand , Hamedan






Payame Noor University Of Nahavand

Master in Business Management October 2007

After getting a diploma in mathematics and physics, I entered Payame Noor Nahavand University and studied business management, and in 2011 I got a bachelor's degree.

Start with Photoshop

Learning Photoshop By myself March 2003

I started learning Photoshop software with practice and without a teacher and training, and later I gradually reached an acceptable level of use for web design with online training.


First Webpage

A personal blog March 2004

I started my first personal blog without a guide, teacher or training class, and only through the Internet. With my interest, the number of blogs I created reached more than five. At university, I created the first official website using HTML, Photoshop and free hosting called Payame Noor Nahavand students (NPC2008).

Get Start

Garoos Payamak March 2012

Again, without academic and class training, I started my first internet business called Garoos Payamak.


Someone like me, who wants to work in the field of technology without a guide and teacher and only based on interest in the world of technology, has run away and, of course, clumsily learns a lot of skills and software. That's why my skills are generally not very relevant and at a professional level, but I am always learning.

  • Photoshop
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Wordpress
  • Python
  • AfterEffect
  • Accounting
  • Microsoft Excell
  • Business Management



Music, Movies and Series, Kickboxing, Coding, Wine, Astronomy, Nature Tourism, Mountaineering,Dating.

Client Testimonials

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